Bing Yang Chinese Performing Arts Center

Bing Yang Chinese Performing Arts Center (BYC-PAC) is a premier organization in the Greater Cincinnati area. It is dedicated to promoting Chinese cultural heritage and developing next generation young artists through Chinese dance and Chinese music. BYCPAC was founded by two talented artists, Mrs. Bing Yang and Mr. Baogang Liu, in the year of 2008. In ten years of time, the center has grown into a professional studio, with over one hundred students.

Following our mission to bring the richness of Chinese art and culture to the audiences across the Greater Cincinnati area, each year BYCPAC collaborates with local schools, companies, charities and governments. BYCPAC has become an ambassador of Chinese culture and will continue to serve as an essential part of the diversified culture in the community.

In order to continue bringing success to our dance studio, the teachers and young performers of BYCPAC are putting our goal towards dances and skills with a higher degree of difficulty. In the last couple years, our attempts of bringing Chinese elements in various dance competitions across national and international levels have become very successful.
We will continue to strive towards our new goal of integrating Chinese performances with the mainstream arts and advancing towards professional levels.