Bing Yang 杨冰


      Mrs. Bing Yang is the owner and director of the Bing Yang Chinese Performing Arts Center (BYC-PAC) and an award-winning professional performer.

      Bing started her professional dance training at age six. At age twelve, she was admitted to the Liao Ning Performing Arts School in China and graduated as one of the honor students six years later. In 1993, Bing joined the Beijing Peking Opera Troupe, one of the most prestigious Peking Opera organizations in China. Since she moved to the United States with her family in 2000, Bing has been a member of the Chinese Theatre Works (CTW) in New York City. As a principal dancer and lecturer of CTW, Bing with her team performed in many places including the Rockefeller Center, the New York Metropolitan Museum, the Lincoln Performing Arts Center, etc., and had won multiple awards.